Featured Speakers

avatar for Dan Haelser

Dan Haelser

Cut Through Coaching and Consulting
avatar for Prof. Sonia Blandford

Prof. Sonia Blandford

Achievement For All


avatar for Liz Allen

Liz Allen

Seoul Foreign School
Director of Communications and Marketing
avatar for Carl Brenneman

Carl Brenneman

Busan Foreign School
Assistant Principal
avatar for Stephen Chatelier

Stephen Chatelier

Education University of Hong Kong
Assistant Professor in the Department of International Education
avatar for Elke Van dermijnsbrugge

Elke Van dermijnsbrugge

Education University of Hong Kong
Lecturer in the Department of International Education
avatar for Darnell Fine

Darnell Fine

Singapore American School
Teacher Middle School / Coach
avatar for Sarah Gouge

Sarah Gouge

Dwight School Seoul
PYP Grade 5 Educator
avatar for Jason Grout

Jason Grout

Asia Pacific International School
Coordinator for K-12 Personalized Learning
avatar for Eric De Haan

Eric De Haan

Seoul Foreign School
Director of Alumni Relations
avatar for Dr Meredith Harbord

Dr Meredith Harbord

Harbord & Khan Educational Consultants
avatar for Meg Hayne

Meg Hayne

Asia Pacific International School
Deputy Head of School and High School Principal
avatar for Laura Heather

Laura Heather

Dwight School Seoul
MYP/DP Science & Biology
avatar for Seo Sang Hoon

Seo Sang Hoon

International School of Vietnam.
IGGSE & DP Korean Teacher/ IB Program Advisor of Daegu Office of...
avatar for Judy Imamudeen

Judy Imamudeen

American School of Belo Horizonte, Brazil
PYP Coordinator
avatar for Steve Iuliano

Steve Iuliano

The School Locker / Harvey Norman Business & Education / AwesomeClub
Head of Professional Learning
avatar for Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Get Mentally Fit
Co-Founder and Principal Psychologist
avatar for Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Get Mentally Fit
Operations Manager/Co-founder
avatar for Soo Kyung Jun

Soo Kyung Jun

Dwight School Seoul
PYP / MYP Korean Educator
avatar for Sara Riaz Khan

Sara Riaz Khan

Harbord & Khan Education Consultants
avatar for Rick Lewis

Rick Lewis

Brookes Moscow International IB World School
Academic Dean
avatar for Jolene Lockwood

Jolene Lockwood

Cognitive Consultancy
Founder and Chief Consultant
avatar for Michael Lucchesi

Michael Lucchesi

Seoul Foreign School
PYP Coordinator
avatar for Nancy Macharia

Nancy Macharia

Chadwick International School
Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher/Service Learning Lead
avatar for Terence Mitchell

Terence Mitchell

Dwight School Seoul
Head of I&S
avatar for Beth Overby

Beth Overby

Dwight School Seoul
PYP Coordinator
avatar for Michael Palagi

Michael Palagi

NIST International School
PYP Kindergarten / Year 1
avatar for Margaret Park

Margaret Park

Seoul Foreign School
Elementary School Assistant Principal
avatar for Bora Rancic

Bora Rancic

Dwight School Seoul
English Acquisition Teacher
avatar for Jabbie Rosario

Jabbie Rosario

Gyeonggi Suwon International School
PYP Coordinator
avatar for Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas

Dwight School Seoul
Director of Events
avatar for Nathalie Waldmann

Nathalie Waldmann

Dwight School Seoul
PYP Music / German
avatar for Xiaoli Wang

Xiaoli Wang

Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School
IB Psychology teacher