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avatar for Carole


Global Indian International School
Deputy Head


UCL Institute of Education
Doctoral Researcher
avatar for Tim Allen

Tim Allen

Korea International School
Media Development
avatar for Rachel Arnold

Rachel Arnold

Elementary, Middle School, High School

Jenny Rose Baclado

Korea Foreign School
Paraprofessional-Learning Support
avatar for Natalie Benedetto

Natalie Benedetto

Dwight School Seoul
Grade 4 Teacher
avatar for Josh Berkal

Josh Berkal

CMIS Canada
avatar for Nikolay Bukilic

Nikolay Bukilic

Dwight School Seoul
PYP Visual Art Teacher
avatar for David Burke

David Burke

Dwight School Seoul
Dean of Technology and Innovation
avatar for Michael Calmer

Michael Calmer

Dwight School Seoul
Head of Department: Language A
avatar for AhYoung Chi

AhYoung Chi

Seoul Foreign School
High School Counselor
avatar for Li Chi

Li Chi

Dwight School Seoul
avatar for Liz Cho

Liz Cho

Korea International School
Principal of Teaching and Learning
avatar for Reina Choi

Reina Choi

Dwight School Seoul
MYP/DP Mathematics Teacher
avatar for Paul Chung

Paul Chung

Dwight School Seoul
Director of Enrollment Management
avatar for Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark

Dwight School Seoul
PYP Grade 4
avatar for Sue Donkin

Sue Donkin

Dwight School Seoul
MYP/DP Korean A Teacher
avatar for Cory Doolittle

Cory Doolittle

Dwight Seoul
avatar for Mindi Dryer

Mindi Dryer

Head of Residence
avatar for Carla Egert

Carla Egert

Dwight School Seoul
avatar for David Gagnier

David Gagnier

Dwight School Seoul
MYP/DP English A
avatar for Kevin Gouge

Kevin Gouge

DP History, TOK, I&S
avatar for Sarah Gouge

Sarah Gouge

Dwight School Seoul
PYP Grade 5 Educator
avatar for Eric De Haan

Eric De Haan

Seoul Foreign School
Director of Alumni Relations

james hadley

Dwight School Seoul
avatar for Sarah Handley

Sarah Handley

Dwight School Seoul
Whole School Teacher Librarian & EE Coordinator
avatar for Dr Meredith Harbord

Dr Meredith Harbord

Harbord & Khan Educational Consultants
avatar for Lee kyung hee

Lee kyung hee

avatar for Sue Hong

Sue Hong

Dwight School Seoul
LS teacher
avatar for Seo Sang Hoon

Seo Sang Hoon

International School of Vietnam.
IGGSE & DP Korean Teacher/ IB Program Advisor of Daegu Office of...
avatar for Steve Iuliano

Steve Iuliano

The School Locker / Harvey Norman Business & Education / AwesomeClub
Head of Professional Learning
avatar for James Jang

James Jang

Whole School Music / Quest

Changfeng Jiao

Shanghai Qibao Dwight
avatar for Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Get Mentally Fit
Co-Founder and Principal Psychologist
avatar for Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Get Mentally Fit
Operations Manager/Co-founder
avatar for Soo Kyung Jun

Soo Kyung Jun

Dwight School Seoul
PYP / MYP Korean Educator
avatar for Mayada Karaly

Mayada Karaly

Gems Winchester School Dubai
Arabic B Teacher
avatar for Sara Riaz Khan

Sara Riaz Khan

Harbord & Khan Education Consultants
avatar for Douglas Kidd

Douglas Kidd

Director of Out of Class and Experiential Education
avatar for Brian Kilgallon

Brian Kilgallon

Dwight School Seoul
College Counselor
avatar for Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim

Dwight School Seoul
Audio Visual Technician / Auditorium Manager

Suna Kim

avatar for Leozanda De Klerk

Leozanda De Klerk

Dwight School Seoul
ECD Assistant Manager
avatar for Wilbert Kwakkel

Wilbert Kwakkel

Dwight School Seoul
HoD Physical and Health Education
avatar for Jerica Lee

Jerica Lee

Korea Foreign School
English Language and Literature teacher
avatar for Whitney Lee

Whitney Lee

Dwight School Seoul
Physical Education and Health
avatar for Jolene Lockwood

Jolene Lockwood

Cognitive Consultancy
Founder and Chief Consultant
avatar for Sarah Marslender

Sarah Marslender

Elementary, Middle School, High School
avatar for Nicholas McQuillin

Nicholas McQuillin

Kyoto International School
Tech & Marketing
avatar for Jessica Mielcarz

Jessica Mielcarz

Grade 3
avatar for Melanie Minos

Melanie Minos

Shinagawa International School, Tokyo
PYP Coordinator
avatar for Terence Mitchell

Terence Mitchell

Dwight School Seoul
Head of I&S

Robert Morris

Save the Children
MEAL Coordinator
avatar for Frank Nam

Frank Nam

Civic Commons
Project Director - We Belong Here

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